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Forging die wear

Wear mainly refers to the relative motion between the two parts in the friction pair. The geometrical, physical and chemical characteristics of the friction surface of the forging die and its wear mode and type are basically similar to those of ordinary mechanical parts. The wear mechanism of the die is also developed on the basis of inheriting the mechanical wear mechanism and according to the working conditions of the forging die. In addition to the general rule of wear and tear of mechanical parts, the wear of forging dies is also unique due to its harsh working environment.
Wear during forging includes wear of the forging die and wear of the workpiece. In essence, mold wear is a special case of the wear of many mechanical parts. Under normal circumstances, the wear of the mold obeys the general rule of wear of mechanical parts. However, due to the special conditions of the mold, especially the hot forging die, its wear also has its particularity. . Therefore, when studying mold wear, it is necessary to understand the wear mode and type, and then study according to the high temperature, high pressure (load) and high frequency (pulse) tribological characteristics of metal forging.
There are many types of plastic processing molds, such as stamping dies, punching dies, blanking dies, shear dies, cold extrusion and hot extrusion dies, precision dies, extrusion dies, cold forging and hot forging dies, and calibration dies. These molds have their own characteristics, and the working conditions of the hot forging die are complicated.
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