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The difference between the vertical stroke and the pull stroke of the robot

1. Diversification of raw materials
The first major category is the processing of durable consumer goods such as watches, sewing machines, bicycles and household appliances, which are processed by metal materials, including mechanical processing and light industrial machinery. The second category is based on non-metallic materials such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, deputy and chemical products. For example, pastry machinery in food machinery uses agricultural products as the main raw material; canned and brewing machinery uses agricultural and by-products as the main processing materials. Pulp and paper machinery uses forest products and agricultural and sideline products as raw materials; leather machinery uses livestock products as the main raw material; ceramics, glass and plastic machinery use minerals and chemical products as raw materials. It shows a wide range of applications for automated robots and automated production lines.
2. Variety of processes for automated robots and automatic production lines;
(1) Metal cutting and assembly for mechanical action.
(2) Tobacco with physical effects.
(3) Fermentation is completed by biochemical action.
(4) There are electroplating and electrocorrosion to complete the electrochemical action.
(5) The chemistry in the papermaking machine and the melting in the bulb machinery are completed.
3, a wide variety of categories, structural diversity
There are many types of industrial machinery. Because of the different industries, processed products, functions and functions, there are great differences in principle and movement mechanism. Even the same function will have different working principles and different institutions. For example, the same processing product can process different equipments, and the applied robots and automatic production lines are different. The candy packaging machine has various process principles and structures; the bulb winding machine has different process principles. Coreless, cored continuous and cored discontinuous wire winding machine.
4, large product volume, high degree of automation
Industrial products are necessary for people's daily life, and therefore require mass production in batches, which inevitably requires the use of semi-automatic, automated robots, and the application of automatic production lines is becoming more widespread.
5. Industrial automation manipulators often have the characteristics of complex movements, high speed of mechanism movement, wide subject areas, and fast replacement.
The industrial robot is an automatic operation device that can imitate some of the movement functions of the human hand and the arm, and is used to grasp, transport, or operate the tool according to a fixed procedure.
The robot is a new type of device developed in the mechanized and automated production process. In the modern production process, the robot is widely used in the automatic production line. The development and production of the robot has become a new technology developed rapidly in the high-tech field. It promotes the development of the robot and enables the robot to achieve An organic combination with mechanization and automation. Although the robot is not as flexible as a human hand, it has the characteristics of being able to repeat work and labor, not knowing the fatigue, not afraid of danger, and the power of grasping heavy objects is greater than that of the human hand. Therefore, the robot has been valued by many departments, and more and more Widely used.
The automated robot consists of 5 major components:
Drive system: It is the power source of the automatic robot, which can be motor drive, hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, etc.
Transmission system: Its function is to transmit motion and power to various actuators in order to complete the process operation of the automated robot, and also to transfer the motion to the auxiliary mechanism to complete the auxiliary action. These include belt drives, gear drives, and more.
Actuator: It is the part that realizes the automatic operation and the auxiliary operation. The sequence of action and the law of motion depend on the principle and requirements of the process.
Control system: Its function is to control the drive system, transmission system and actuator of the machine, and assign motion to the actuators so that they can coordinate actions in time and in sequence.
Detection system: Its function is to detect the position, stroke, speed, pressure, flow, etc. of the automated manipulator and feed it back to the control system.
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