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Classification of forging dies

Classified according to the device used
According to the different equipment used, forging die hammer forging die, mechanical press forging die, screw press forging die, flat forging die, etc.
The forging die processes the metal at high temperature and has poor working conditions. It needs to withstand repeated impact loads and alternating heat and cold, resulting in high stress. The frictional effect also occurs when the metal flows. Therefore, the mold should have high strength, hardness, wear resistance, toughness, oxidation resistance, thermal conductivity and thermal crack resistance under working conditions.
Classified according to the type of forging die
A die used to deform a blank into a forged part in a predetermined shape and size when forging a die. The forging die generally consists of two modules. The module is provided with a cavity, and the number and shape of the cavity are determined by the forging step. The forging die has two kinds of integral die and insert die, and the integral die has a single die groove and a multi-die groove.
Forging die can be divided into hammer die, screw press die, crank press die, flat forging die and hydraulic press die. It is more complicated to use a forging die for a hammer. According to the size of the production batch, the forging die for the hammer uses the multi-slot die in large-volume production; the forgings vary in variety and the batch size is small, and the whole single-slot die or insert die is used.
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